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Trees are a wonderful addition to enhance the good looks of the Town of Harlow, Essex. But keeping all of our trees in good health and looking at their best is essential. A neglected tree can soon grow out of shape and begin to look wayward! Without the intervention of crown reduction, new growth be seriously hindered. New growth is primary to promote new and healthy looking foliage. We offer a full range of professionally delivered arborist services to actively promote your natural tree health. Call one of our dedicated team today to see what we can do for you!

About Us

Harlow Tree Surgeons have spent the last few years developing our arboriculturalist services to the highest standards possible. We will only employ the most skilled of tree surgeons and tree surgery experts. We know that this is particularly important to be certain that your trees receive only the finest of love and care so that they continue to grow strong and healthy. Badly chosen cutting and crown lifting can have quite the opposite effect! We love Harlow and our local reputation within our town is untarnished, we fully intend to make sure that it stays this way!


Tree felling and removal can be a sad time, nobody wants to see a tree reach the end of its life. Sometimes this is essential though, a tree with diseases or in danger of falling needs to be removed. Following any tree felling a full stump removal may be required, especially important for any planned building project. We also offer a full tree trimming and pruning service that will maintain the good looks of your tree as well as encouraging the trees general health. Hedge cutting and trimming, as well as new tree planting is also a speciality of ours. Whatever your tree or hedge needs are, we can help!

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man cutting tree harlow

Tree Felling

Tree felling is a highly specialised area within all tree surgery provisions, and is one definitely best left to the professionals. All of our tree surgeons are completely up to speed with all health and safety precautions, but even more importantly they have many years of experience of delivering successful tree felling in a safe and controlled manner. A large and heavy falling tree can be extremely dangerous, we know how to deal with this and how to mitigate any risks!

man cutting tree branch harlow

Tree Trimming and Pruning

Trees can quickly become overgrown and unruly during the warmer months. Before the onset of winter, looping, tree trimming and pruning can all be very wise. Not only will it return your tree to great looks once again, it will also reduce the risk of damage from winter weather and snow. It will also put your tree in a great condition to promote healthy new growth once the warmth of spring returns.

“I have been using your hedge trimming service for many years now, occasionally in the summer and always in the middle of autumn. My front garden hedge has never ever looked better. Your hedge trimming costs are also the best I know in Harlow. Your team are always so friendly and helpful too!" P.P – Harlow, Essex.

Stump Removal

On occasions you may wish for your tree stump to be left in place, it can create a decorative feature or even somewhere to sit. It can also create a hazard from trips and falls! If your tree was felled for a new building project the stump should certainly be removed. We offer a full range of options for stump removal. Stump grinding, chemical removal, burning, and even good old fashioned digging are all options.

bird on a stump harlow

Tree Health

Trees, like all plants are at danger of developing diseases. On many occasions it can be possible to treat in order to return your tree to good health, but sometimes it may be too late. At the first sign of any problem your trees be experiencing, it is best to call us straight away. We have vast knowledge of all types of tree diseases and will know the best course of action to take.

trees with trimmed canopy harlow

“We have a large amount of trees in our back garden that require a lot of care. We love our back garden and want to keep it looking at its best. Your guys visit every year and provide a full pruning service to keep them looking great. Fantastic job." J.S – Roydon, Essex.

trees with trimmed hedge

Hedge Cutting and Trimming

As well as the full provision of tree surgery and care services that Harlow Tree Surgeons offer, we can also supply expert hedge cutting and trimming. A hedgerow can provide a beautiful addition to our front or back gardens, as well as increased security against intruders. If a hedge is left unmanaged though it can quickly become an eyesore and overtake our gardens. An autumn hedge cutting and trimming service can keep it at bay!

harlow planting a garden tree

Tree Planting

From a new garden, to a large housing development, trees are an important consideration to take into account. We can suggest the most highly recommended trees that will either develop quickly or take many years to reach maturity. Whatever you are looking to achieve we can make sure that you are fully informed of the options. All of our tree planting is carried out to give your trees the best possible start in life.

“Our restaurant has a beautiful entrance road that resembles an avenue lined with trees. Some of the trees had become low hanging and where starting to pose a danger to our guests vehicles. We were recommended your company by a business associate. You suggested a crown lifting service and you were right. We now have a very impressive restaurant approach once more." B.M – Harlow, Essex. 

Contact Us Today

We have built up a fantastic team of dedicated and highly experienced individuals that are able to provide you with the very finest advice regarding all of your tree care needs. We know that your first contact with Harlow Tree Surgeons will form your opinion of our company, and we also know that you won’t be disappointed. When you contact us you can be guaranteed to receive a top quality, friendly and professional consultation! You will find our telephone number throughout our website, as well as our email, and a contact us form. Contact us today to receive your expert tree health advice!

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